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Acharith: The Latter Days by Steedman, etc.

All Things 1 by Alexander Thomson

All Things 2 by Alexander Thomson

All Things 3 by Alexander Thomson

All Things 4 by Alexander Thomson

All Things 5 by Alexander Thomson

All Things 6 by Alexander Thomson 

Does God Know Everything? by Thomson & Withers

Selected Writings by Larsen

Studies in God's Evangel by R. B. Withers

The Greek Scriptures Historically Considered by Withers

The Major & the Word 1 by R. B. Withers

The Major & the Word 2 by R. B. Withers

The Major & the Word 3 by R. B. Withers

The Major & the Word 4 by R. B. Withers

The Resurrection of Humanity by Johnson, Blay & Kimble

Who is Our God? by Thomson


Acharith: The Latter Days by J. G. H. Steedman along with R. B. Withers, Rick Farwell, Ted McDivitt, and Melvin Johnson.

Acharith (or Latter Days) is that time associated with the restoration of Israel to the land that was once promised to them by God. That restoration has not yet taken place. It is a precursor to the Millennium, not the Millennium itself, but rather a fulfillment of the prophecy in the Book of Daniel relating to the Seventy Sevens.

All Things, Volumes 1-6, are a collection of Alexander Thomson's writings. Note: Volume 6 is a duplication of his stand-alone book, 'Who is Our God?'.

Does God Know Everything by Thomson & Withers. A special selection of eighteen articles from The Differentiator magazine. Also includes the article, ‘Does God Will Everything?’.

Selected Writings by the Founding Editor of the Differentiator E. A. Larsen. This volume highlights the scriptural writings of E. A. Larsen of Seattle, who was the Founding Editor of The Differentiator magazine. Topics include the Second Death, Consummation of the Eons, God’s Relation to Sin and Evil and The God-Indicated Attitude.

Studies in God's Evangel by Major R. B. Withers. In this work, you will find hours of reverent research by a man who has a love for the Word of God. Major R. B. Withers' keen interest in history and science has led his spiritually anointed and trained analytical mind into research which is sadly lacking in many modern writings. This will give the Bible student a clearer understanding of what God has said as regards righteousness, along with related words, and help dispel many false notions on the subject. This study will not be something to read only once but will serve as a tool to be consulted from time to time like a manual or Bible handbook.

Major R. B. Withers (1890(?)-1972) was a citizen of the British Commonwealth. He was a contemporary of Alexander Thomson and served as co-editor (with Thomson) of The Differentiator magazine. 

The Greek Scriptures Historically Considered by Withers. This book makes a heroic effort to explain the historical progression of the Kingdom of God. In so doing, it exposes the errors which have gathered around the so-called "Acts 28:28 frontier" theory, as well as exploring in great detail the Evangels of the PeritomE and the Akrobustia.

The Major & the Word, Volumes 1-4, are a collection of Withers' writings (excluding Studies in God's Evangel & The Greek Scriptures Historically Considered). 

The Resurrection of Humanity by Johnson, Blay, and Kimble. A selection of 17 articles compiled from: Treasures of Truth magazine, which was published in the 1970’s. Articles include: Into a Resurrection of Life; Into a Resurrection of Judging; “I and My Father are One”; “I am the Resurrection”; The Coming Light.

The articles in this book first appeared in Treasures of Truth magazine in the 1970’s. Treasures of Truth was a successor to The Differentiator magazine which ceased publication around 1970. Melvin Johnson and Cecil J. Blay were the co-editors.

Who is Our God? by Alexander Thomson. A few of the topics covered include God Reveals Himself in His Son; the Humanity of the Lord; Father and Son are Complementary; He Emptied Himself; The Ancient of Days. This is a very thought-provoking book and Mr. Thomson has done an admirable job of attempting to discover just Who is Our God.

Alexander Thomson lived most of his life in Edinburgh, Scotland but at various time(s) in his life also resided in London, England. He was born in 1889 and died in 1966. He was for many years the co-editor (with R.B. Withers) of The Differentiator magazine.

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